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About Us

Le Crystelle Clothing & Gifts was founded by Deb and Andy at the time of their engagement to be married. A time of Sparkling Joy.
The name simply means "The Crystal"

Their Mission was to turn "Life's Darkness" into a "Sparkling Light" for everyone to enjoy.

The Darkness

Deb and Andy both lost their previous marriage partners tragically to cancer. Battling cancer with a loved one unsuccessfully for a number of years was certainly the dark, cold winter of their lives. They did not know each other during this time.

The Sparkling Light

After their loss Deb and Andy moved on with their lives and focussed on family, work and keeping busy to avoid the lonely times. Dealing with grief and loss and seeking support from a group of close friends opened the way for Andy and Deb to meet and find "sparkling joy and happiness again"

Andy and Deb met in 2007. Deb wore her sparkling tops religiously each week to a grief share course that they both were attending. The caring Deb and her sparkling tops immediately grabbed Andy's attention. The Sparkle of the beautiful Swarovski Crystals would be the beginning of a new romance. It blossomed, unbeknown to them, as they shared their stories and feelings about grief and loneliness during this time.

Living the dream

Their time together helped them realise that the world did have joy and all you had to do was look for the sparkles in everyday and be willing to receive the happiness life brings.

They both knew that all things work together for good and they both have experienced what the Lord has done for them to bring them back from that very cold winter.

Their Mission

They now want to enjoy the happiness of everyday by putting some sparkle into your life too.

They trademarked the word™ which is "Bright Lights in God". They know there can be joy and sparkles in your life again even if you feel at the time there never will be.

Along with this they also trademarked "FOLD-abilities and BLING-abilities. FOLD-abilities is a range of precut and prescored cards. All you have to do is simply fold them to create your card instead of spending hours measuring, scoring and cutting and BLING-abilities, once again using crystals to enhance your cardmaking or to add designs to your own clothing. All ways of making things easier and adding happiness in your life.

As you see the many brilliant sparkles radiating from each Swarovski crystal on the garments you wear or the cards you create make sure you think of a happy thought. Andy calls it joining the dots each day from one sparkle to another.…from one happy thought to the next. They both know that when you put on one of these Sparkling garments it makes everyone feel very special. This is not something that just Andy and Deb believe but as Daniel Swarovski himself quotes:

"The Swarovski Sparkle not only affects the eyes but also the heart"

The Company

It's been Andy and Deb's dream since they were married in 2007 to help others feel the joy and love that they have found. Deb's goal from the time she purchased her first sparkling top in 2004 while travelling over seas, was to one day produce her own Label right here in Australia. To do this they both knew there was a lot of hard work and research ahead of them so what better place to start with then a visit to Swarovski in Austria to gain further product knowledge.

After returning to Australia from this trip they then continued to research the globe for a crystal machine to produce the designs. They eventually found one and believe it to be the best in the world for design and quality and is now the first of its kind in Australia.

They are proud to say their Le Crystelle Label is totally Australian made and designed, even the material used to produce these garments are manufactured here in Oz. Many other designs you may see around are either produced overseas in cheap labour countries or have a mixture of inferior stones and elements in amongst them thus giving off no sparkle at all. Andy & Deb believe their Swarovski designs are the highest quality available. They are the first Australians to produce the crystal designs in 100% Swarovksi Crystals right here on our shores.

Having built and managed many successful businesses over the years they now have reached their sparkling dream.

In February 2010, after almost three years of research and organising, Le Crystelle Clothing & Gifts was launched...

We hope when you purchase one of our beautiful garments or card products you will see for yourself just how good you feel wearing our clothes or giving away a lovely card that you have embellished for that special person...and when you do... our mission will be accomplished as you have "let us put the sparkle in your life too"