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    Twist and Pop Up Step Card

    Arrived and Shipping NOW!

    This card is taking the Craft Industry by Storm! -
    Twist and Pop Up Panel Step Card...

    We have been asked numerous times to make these ever popular Twist and Pop Up Cards and we are very pleased
    to be able to finally bring them to you. These are taking the Crafting scene by storm and now all you do is FOLD
    and with a small amount of gluing your Twist and Pop card is ready to embellish. How easy is that?...All the hard work
    of measuring, cutting and scoring is already done for you.

    Made with Premium DownUnder Direct Linen Cardstock - 216gsm

    Cards are available in Packs of 10 in Bridal White, Moonglow(cream), Neutrals, Col Pack C and Col Pack D

    To view embellished Twist and Pop Up card click here

    Your Pre-cut and Pre-Scored Twist and Pop Up Panel card will consist of the following:
    A Cover card - 115mmWx147mmH
    A Four Panel Middle Card - 254mmLx90mmH (each panel 63mmWX90mmH)
    A Folding Mechanism Card that will make your card twist and Pop up.
    Detailed EASY Instructions are also included.

    All that is required is a small amount of glue and some folding and your card will work brilliantly!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Unfortunately some of the Spellbinders dies have not arrived in time for the card release so they will be sent out separately at no extra cost to you. We have left them turned on for you to order if you wish to.