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Le Crystelle's Newest Release - Butterfly Two Step Card - Arrived and SHIPPING NOW

This stunning FOLD-abilities step card is such a winner being able to make two different style cards just by folding the end wings a different way. Option two will give you a simple and elegant cascading card that will delight any friend or relative.

Card folds up to a 147mm square for ease of postage.

Made with beautiful 216gsm DownUnder Direct Linen Cardstock and all pre-cut and pre-scored to make your crafting so much easier and exact. No more measuring, scoring and cutting! All you do is FOLD and your card is ready to embellish.

Card is available in Bridal White, Moonglow (Cream) plus Colour Packs C and D

To see our embellished Butterfly Two Step Card card click here

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4 of 4 Items