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    Triple Box Set

    These Boxes are great to add little gifts in for Chrissy or any favourite occasion.
    All that is required is a small amount of gluing to assemble the lids.
    The four panel sides then fold up and fit into the lid making your box.
    Exactly like our tealight box (the med size box) but with out the tealight inside.

    NOTE: This does NOT form a completely closed box. These are simply
    3 different size boxes - Small, Med and Large.
    However the difference here is the three boxes all have lids so can all be used individually if needed.
    You can make 1 x explosion box from these products by just using the large lid and discarding the small and med
    size lids..or you can use them as three different boxes.

    Large size base and sides is 9.5cm sq
    Med Size base and sides is 8.5cm sq
    Small size base and sides is 7cm sq