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    Prestige Fold Out Card

    We are sure you will just LOVE these new ranges of our exclusive Pre-Cut and Scored Cards

    If ordering over $100 total order including anything on our website- your shipping will be FREE.

    Pre-Cut and scored Invitation/cards.. Simpy fold to create! No more craft cutting of measuring!
    Great for bulk invitations or simply use one to send someone a beautiful precut card that is truly different!
    Card is purchased in three separate panels. Front, back and foldout middle.

    Instructions for Assembling card.
    Step One: Simply place glue on three outside only sides of curved section of middle fold out panel and glue to inside front panel lining up with the bottom of panel.(dont place glue all over the curved section of middle fold out panel as it needs to act as a pocket.)
    Step Two: Glue your co-ordinating ribbon (not supplied) to bottom third of inside of back panel to make tie for closing card.
    Step Three: Glue the 2cm end section of middle panel to the inside of back panel lining up to bottom of back panel. At this stage you will have your card assembled but you will then need to cut a piece of coordinating card or patterned paper 10cm x 14cm to glue over the inside back panel to completely cover your assembly and to be ready for any further embellishing or invite wording etc.
    TIP: You can also cut another peice the same size and glue to inside of front panel to match however you will need to glue this on prior to gluing the curved middle section.

    Sold in Packs of 10. Size of front and back panels 14.5cm high 10.5cm wide. (Size of insert height is 10cm)