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    CARDSTOCK Factory Seconds

    We have numerous cardstock seconds that are just perfect for cutting up to use in your crafting. This cardstock
    will vary in brand, colour and texture. The paper has mainly just been damaged to a small section of  it, either a dent
    in the middle/side, the corners bent, perhaps a small fade mark on the very edge or back. We pride ourselves in selling perfect cardstock so if there is the slightest imperfection in it then it goes into our seconds bin. The sale of this will not necessarily be single sheets. Once ordered we will endeavour to mix up colours however it will be "pot" luck on the outcome. The image you see is just for ILLUSTRATION ONLY and will not be the same as the stock we add to these packs. You may receive two or three colours in the smaller packs or as many as 10-20 colours in the larger packs. Rest assured we will do our best to give you value with what ever pack you decide on.

    These packs are not returnable nor refundable. NOTE: Qty is approx.